Hottest Business Model You Can’t Ignore /   Is information marketing really dead?
Every day I work with entrepreneurs like yourself who want to start and grow a successful internet
business. And it amazes me that almost every single person I talk to asks me the very same question:
“What should I sell online”
The answer is real simple. Sell information. Isn’t that what we all go online for?  The reason I
didn’t open a store on Main Street is because I did not want to deal with the headaches of a traditional
business. So, I got into internet marketing so I can sell information.
I know barely anyone talks about how to sell information because it’s not as sexy as Facebook or some other
latest trick. But the truth is…the money is always in information. 
Think about it. In 100 years when we have flying cars and some guy’s flying gizmo isn’t working. What is he
going to do? He’ll search for information on how to fix it. That’s right! Information marketing will always be here.
What’s changed is how we sell information and where we sell it. Did you know there are places right now where
you can sell an e-book and make six figures per month?
I kid you not.
I invite you to watch this FREE Webinar where Greg Cesar, a good friend of mine, is showing how he’s crushing it selling info products and doing very little work.



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